Hoga Island, Charming Island in Wakatobi


Hoga Island is one of the many charms of the beauty of Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. Even the beauty of Hoga Island is one of the most beautiful underwater tourist islands in the world. This is confirmed by the interest of visitors who come domestic tourists and crowded with foreign tourists, who America and Europe dominate. Hoga Island is close to other beautiful islands located in Wakatobi is an additional reason to visit the island.

Hoga Island Attractions Wakatobi

  1. Charming Beautiful Island

The history of Hoga Island is like a series of historical beauty from Wakatobi. As far as the eye can see, it is the charm of its natural beauty. White sand beaches, waves that are not too biseawaterter that presents gradations of blue, green tosca are the charm of Hoga Island’s beauty. Plus the location of Hoga Island is close to other exotic islands in Wakatobi, making two or three tourist visits achievable.

  • Snorkeling And Diving Heaven

As explained earlier, Hoga Island is very famous for its underwater natural beauty, even one of the best in the world. This of course makes it a paradise for lovers of snorkeling and diving. Moreover, the waves are small, adding to the excitement of the activity. But that does not mean negligence on the security aspect. Hoga Island has at least 12 dive starting points that tourists commonly use. As if it is a must for visitors who do diving and snorkeling activities to capture extraordinary moments on Hoga Island. For those who cannot swim, tourists can also increase the cost of renting a boat to explore around the island.

Plus, for tourists who are reluctant to go home because they are not satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Hoga Island, then don’t worry, in the island area there are lots of inns that can be rented at very affordable prices.

However, with a note, lodging on Hoga Island at certain times can be very difficult to get because many tourists have rented it first. However, the number of Hoga Island inns is very large. That’s why try to plan your vacation to Wakatobi from now on.

All the Information about Hoga Island You Should Know

How to Get There

The location of Hoga Island is included in the Wakatobi Islands Regency, Southeast Sulawesi or commonly known as the Wakatobi Archipelago National Park. Having an area of ​​about 1,390,000 ha is a combination of several other islands, Hoga Island is located to the east of Kaledupa Island.

If you are going to Hoga Island from Matahora Airport, you must know the flight departure schedule in advance. Because the flight schedule is very limited. The following route is to the Kaledupa pier, and after arriving at that location, continue by renting a boat to arrive at Hoga Island. The journey from the pier is quite far, but the scenery during the trip can neutralize boredom during the trip.


The accommodation here is owned by the local community managed by Operation Wallacea. Very interesting because this means empowerment for the surrounding community. The accommodation is in the form of a house on stilts, with fresh water and limited electricity. Don’t worry, and it’s not as bad as you think. Many types of lodging or homestays are comfortable and, of course can be adjusted to the travel budget. Almost all types of lodging are made of wood which adds to the atmosphere of a typical beach house.

The Ideal Time

The right time to go to Hoga Island is October to mid-December. At these times, the natural conditions on this island are very friendly. It rarely rains, but it’s shady. The island’s charm inhabited by dozens of families is increasingly difficult to hide at sunrise or sunset, even at night, when the stars are scattered in the sky of the Island.

Other Attraction

In Wakatobi, there is not only Hoga Island. There are dozens of other islands that are no less beautiful. One of them is Anano Island. This island is also called the Island of a Thousand Turtles because this is where the green and hawksbill turtle colonies are located to lay their eggs. The beach is also very beautiful with fine white sand and very clear beach water. There is also Wangi-Wangi Island. One of the popular ones on this island is Kontamale Cave. This cave is also often referred to as Goa Telaga. Local belief says that bathing here can make your partner easy. On the ceiling of the cave, there are many stunning stalactites.

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