Visa Renewal Dubai

How can you complete Visa Renewal Dubai smoothly?


Are you staying in Dubai and want to make your stay further? When you will need to know about the Visa Renewal Dubai Process. Even if you have gone to Dubai for a trip with a particular Visa and want to stay for a few more days, you will need to extend your visa till that period. You will need to know about the documents which you require to submit and the process you will require following.

Documents to be submitted:

To complete the Dubai Visa Renewal process, the applicant has to submit the following documents.

  • Applicants can either submit the online application related to visa renewal or submit the typing copy of the same from any registered office.
  • Sponsored person’s original passport.
  • Sponsored person’s recent photograph.

For the employers involved in the private sector, the company must submit some of the additional documents like firm card copy, valid trade license copy, sponsored person’s renewed labor cards, and receipt of the labor card renewal.

If you are a person sponsoring anyone in your family, you will need to submit the following documents.

  • Employment contract copy of your wife or husband
  • Salary certificate provided by the employer
  • Marriage certificate which is legalized
  • Registered tenancy contract copy
  • Current utility bill

Requirements related to renewal:

You will find the requirements almost the same for Visa Renewal Dubai compared to having a work permit, sponsoring family members.

  • Requirement of a sponsor having the residency permit
  • If you are more than eighteen years of age, you will need to undergo a medical test.
  • Renewed ID card which ICA issues. Proof of the registration certificate with ICA.

You need to meet a few other requirements, such as requirements related to sponsorship for your children and wife, requirement of sponsorship related to your parents, and requirement of sponsorship of any woman if she is sponsoring the family.

When the visa renewal is required:

If you are a resident with a visa and your visa expires, you will be given thirty days of extension to apply for your visa renewal process. However, you can apply for the renewal visa before six months then you will need to take necessary permission from the Foreign Affairs Department and General Directorate of Residency.

Once you submit your form, it will take around five working days to get your renewed visa. However, you must send all the correct supporting documents with your application. As per the visa, amount payment is a concern, and you need to pay DH200 if you are applying for a two-year visa, and you can pay DH300 if you are applying for a three-year visa. Along with that, you will also need to pay the online visa service fees, which are DH40.

Visa Renewal Dubai Process is very easy to do, and you can complete the whole process online. It will take around half an hour to one hour to complete the whole application form. So, if you are already in your grace period of thirty days and staying in Dubai, you should apply for your visa renewal as quickly as possible.