Procedure for Opening bank accounts in Dubai


A personal bank account is an individual account that is used for that person’s personal needs. Dubai personal bank account refers to the bank account that is used for non-commercial purposes.

You are also entitled to a personal/personal bank account in Dubai, whether you are an individual residing in Dubai or a non-resident of Dubai. Most banks in Dubai only allow foreign nationals to open a savings account and not one Checking account, foreigners cannot get a checkbook, a debit card issued to foreigners to withdraw money.

A copy of a passport with an entry page to the UAE

Original personal bank statement from the country of origin or from anywhere in the world for the past six months (if the applicant only has a company account or owns a company in or outside the UAE, both legal documents proving ownership and the last six months bank statement are required available).

The applicant must provide an original bank reference, either from a corporate or personal account in their country of origin or from anywhere in the world (conditions may vary from bank to bank, but it is advisable to have the document).

Banks in the United Arab Emirates require a non-resident to open a personal bank account. The procedure can vary from bank to bank.

Company bank account in Dubai

Procedure for Dubai to open a company bank account or open business bank account Dubai, Dubai is one of the world’s leading business centers for investor friendliness. Free financial transfers play an important role in business growth in all sectors.

The Dubai bank account offers investors and companies very customer-friendly and hassle-free services as soon as the applicant meets the relevant requirements of the banks. The Dubai commercial bank account process is an easy task once you have a proper understanding of the banks, paperwork, and KYC specs.

For the duration of the account in Dubai, bankers can ask additional questions or receipts about opening the bank account. So it is very important that applicants respond with this detail. We Business incorporation Zone Business Setup Consultants can advise you on KYC criteria before opening a bank account in Dubai and making it easier for applicants to register.

The usual documents required/requested by the bankers when open business bank account Dubai is the documents mentioned above. In addition to the above documents and details, bankers can ask for more clarity about transactions, invoices or contracts.

Bankers inform applicants if they need additional documents or information on opening bank accounts in Dubai, Investors starting a business in Dubai, and opening bank accounts for businesses.

We also help with the creation of application forms for opening an account, as well as introducing bankers and making appointments.

 Open your company’s bank account?

Do you need help opening your commercial bank account? We’ve got you covered, for your business you need a bank account to run smoothly in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has an excellent banking system that is known worldwide for excellent customer service with a bank account to form the Dubai Company.

Benefits of choosing to open a bank account in Dubai

  • Your account will remain confidential
  • Safe and reliable banking services
  • Your account requires low maintenance costs
  • Online banking services are provided
  • Easily withdraw and deposit funds
  • Business owners cannot get enough benefits from Dubai banking services.
  • For professionalism
  • Accurate accounting
  • Business account features and benefits
  • Protection
  • Professionalism
  • Purchasing power
  • Preparation
  • Minimum account balance
  • Interest rate
  • Checkbook service
  • Online access
  • International transfers
  • Multiple