How Cool is the Sports Bluetooth Earphone?


Sports Bluetooth Earphones are becoming more and more dazzling in the field of smart wear. At present, a sports Bluetooth earphone released by HONOR has cool colors and functions. The release of this earphone has also made many people interested in buying Sports Bluetooth Earphones. That is HONOR xSport PRO.

This Bluetooth earphone currently has three different color versions: Charm Flame Red, Seagull Grey and Nebula Purple.

The HONOR xSport PRO sports Bluetooth earphone is taken out of the packaging box. Its appearance outline is similar to the overall shape of the neck belt sports Bluetooth earphone.

However, the gradual color change element is a major innovation highlight. This adds a lot of flexibility to sports.

The arc-shaped back neck of HONOR xSport PRO sports Bluetooth earphone is made of silicone. The unique skin-friendly texture of silicone is wonderful. This kind of material does not produce foreign matter diaphragm feeling. It is smooth and tender with no resistance.

NiTi alloy memory metal is inside silica gel. It is the reason why HONOR xSport PRO’s arc-shaped rear neck wire can maintain its natural state. NiTi alloy memory metal can maintain firmness while giving attention to lightness.

HONOR xSport PRO Sport Bluetooth Earphone uses braided wire near earplugs. This heterogeneous collocation has visual impact and contrast.

HONOR xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth Earphone supports wire control. It has volume keys, power keys, function keys, and LED breathing lights on the side to display real-time status.

It brings call Mic. If you use HONOR mobile phone, you can call out a voice assistant through earphone wire control.

The location marked with HONOR logo is the battery compartment. It is made of aluminum alloy just like the wire control part.

HONOR xSport PRO Sport Bluetooth Earphone has symmetrical cavity. The battery compartment is separated from the wire control on both sides. In this way, the disadvantage that one end of the traditional neck belt Bluetooth earphone is biased is avoided. The overall center of gravity is balanced. When wearing, it is more stable.

The back cover of the earplug has a beautiful metal CD texture. It can enhance the overall delicacy.

Interestingly, HONOR xSport PRO sports Bluetooth earphone can be split into two parts. It is the biggest difference between HONOR xSport PRO sports Bluetooth earphone and traditional neck belt Bluetooth earphone.

One side has a built-in Type C connector. Inserting the Type C port on the mobile phone end can connect (only supports HUAWEI EMUI 9.1, HONOR Magic UI version 2.1 or above mobile phone systems) and charge (requires the mobile phone to support reverse charging).

HONOR xSport PRO earplug has a magnetic attraction design on its back. The two can be adsorbed when the earphone needs to be removed. There is no need to worry about the earphone sliding down. The earphone will disconnect from Bluetooth at the moment of magnetic attraction to save electricity.

I believe many consumers will be interested in such a cool and practical earphone.