How to accept payment using a virtual and POS system?


In this article, we will talk about how to take card payments over the phone and a POS system. Also, we will see if we can take credit card payments through the phone using PayPal.

How to take card payment using a terminal?

To accept online payment made through a card, you need to have your virtual terminal. A virtual terminal is a software that is hosted online and allow you to take card payment over the phone. This system will also allow you to make payments when the cared is not present around them. So before you accept any card payment, you need to talk with a service provider for this terminal.

Then you can put in the customer bill details and process the charge according to their order. A virtual terminal can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. You can either send electronic receipts and also save payment option is great for future use. This will help those people out who tend to forget their card and payment details. You will have to talk to a payment service provider or a merchant service provider for accepting card payments.

How to accept card payment using a POS system?

If you do not have a POS system, you will need a virtual link to accept and make card payments. With a POS system, you will not need a card every time you make a transaction as details are saved. POS systems are like operating a virtual system which is almost the same.

In the process, you have to type in the card details and information to make the payment by phone. If you are using the Square POs system, they have a manual card entry system. Where you will have to enter the correct card details and click on make payment.

Here you are making a payment over a phone while using the POS system of Square POS. In some cases, your POS system will act as a virtual link to make and accept payments. If you want to use a credit or debit card for accepting and making payment, you can use a POS system. First, you will have to try out the payment service without the POS system to see if it works properly.

Can a person take card payment through PayPal?

To accept card payment using PayPal, you will need a virtual terminal. This virtual terminal can be used on the phone, PC, tablets, and many other things. You will need to have a good internet connection to access the service PayPal link.

When a customer places an order, you have to open PayPal and enter the bill and shipping address. This will make sure that the customer is paying the full amount and not lying. PayPal terminal costs you $30 per month and 3% on every transaction fee.

There is also an option of PayPal pro, which makes your website an eCommerce platform for business. You will have to complete the transaction, and then print receipts put labels on the boxes for products.