What is a Laser Cutter Capable of Creating?


Men and women may look for a new hobby when they have more free time on their hands. Quite a few individuals now work from home so they have additional time to try new things. Thanks to the internet and do-it-yourself shows, one thing people may wish to know more about is a laser cutter. They see the amazing things a device of this type can create and want one for themselves. However, they want to know exactly what the machine can do before they make a commitment. The following information provides an overview of this device and what it is capable of.


A laser cutter does exactly what its name suggests. The laser beam found in the device goes completely through the selected material to create a cut that is clean and precise. Users must recognize the cut edges differ in appearance based on the material selected. For instance, when a person cuts a piece of wood, the edges appear darker than the rest of the material. However, this isn’t the case with all materials. Acrylic edges remain the same colour but take on a glossy finish when they are cut with this machine.

The machine cuts a groove into the material, and the term kerf refers to the width of this groove. As with the cut edges, the kerf varies by the material. In addition, the width depends on the settings the user selects. However, the typical kerf ranges in size from .05 mm or .0002 in. to .5 mm or .02 in.


The laser cutter also with the ability to engrave various materials. To carry out this task, the laser beam removes portions of the top material. However, it doesn’t cut completely through the material. The user can engrave items such as metal dog tags, acrylic, wood, and paper. The machine also works to cut score lines into a material where the item needs to be shaped, making this one less task the user has to complete.


If engraving isn’t an option for some reason or the user desires a different look, consider marking the material. Doing so changes the colour of the item, and many people use this when working with metal. They want to create a design on the metal without engraving it, so they use this option instead.

This process requires the use of a marking solution. Apply the solution to the material in the desired pattern. When the solution dries, the piece then goes through the machine where the heat from the laser bonds the solution to the material surface. This leaves behind a permanent mark.

Find more helpful information by visiting this site. Laser cutters serve as the ideal tool for creating amazing items, including wood key holders, metal dog tags, acrylic key chains, a laser-cut clock, coasters from a variety of materials, artwork, and more. Check out the gorgeous creations people have made with a laser cutter by doing a quick internet search and you will want a machine of your own so you can do the same.