How to Find The Perfect Recliner Sofa That Will Perfectly Suit You

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For the past few years, the reclining chair proved its existence for being consistent as the owner’s best friend by providing a different level of comfort while giving many stylish and functional features. With the use of advanced technology, many manufacturers have utilized this to create a distinct trend in the furniture industry. The reclining living room sets have morphed and transformed into an innovative trend in the furniture industry.

From its powerful features to its space-saving functionalities, this recliner continues to be the favorite furniture in many households. Today’s article will give you a simple explanation about the types of recliners and its available features while providing clarification on how to purchase this essential piece of furniture.

Remember, your comfort should be the number one priority when buying a reclining sofa. Because in the end, you should be able to feel the relaxation you deserve and to sink into your newly purchased recliner, and for sure, you wouldn’t feel like getting up from your favorite chair.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Recliner for You

Here are the following factors that you must consider before paying for the reclining sofa that you have seen on the living room furniture sets for sale in your favorite retailer store.

  • Size of The Room: Measure the size of the room’s space and your chosen recliner sofa. Make sure that the recliner sofa will perfectly be reclined, and you will need between one to three feet of space from your room’s wall. Though, this measurement may vary, so always ask the salesperson
  • Size of Your Body: You’ll be the one who’s going to use this recliner chair, so make sure that your feet will touch the floor while you’re in sitting position and your head should comfortably and perfectly fit into the sofa’s headrest. Also, ensure that the gap between the seat and the leg rest is up to five inches or less. Because this measurement is a safety hazard for small children and pets
  • Construction Materials: A recliner sofa should have the following:
    • Quiet Motors
    • Heavy Screws
    • Easy-to-use handles or levers
  • Recliner’s Overall Appearance and Style: You can ask yourself, are you trying to complement the sofa’s appearance on your room’s modern interior look, or you just need it to look casual? Make sure to consider your room style while choosing a recliner, so if you can’t decide between which is which, pick a recliner sofa in a neutral tone (e.g., gray, brown, nude, black) because it can adapt to changing décor.

Different Types of Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs have three types that you can choose from, and each of them offers different functionalities and capabilities for the user.

  1. Comfort: Standard Two Position Recliner or Three Way

If you prefer both appearance and casual comfort, then a Standard Recliner Chair will suit you the best. These chairs are often the most affordable and can give a different level of comfortability. Moreover, these usually come with many features that were mentioned earlier.

  1. Style: High Leg Recliner

If you prefer style more than comfort, then a High Leg Recliner Chair may be the best option for you. Though this type of recliners is quite expensive, you will have a wide variety of styles to choose from – transition to contemporary. Moreover, the many high leg recliners have a push back feature, meaning there’s no apparent handle to give a neat appearance.

  1. Function: Lift Recliners

It can gently raise yours from sitting to standing position with the help of a powered lift mechanism. It is perfect for individuals who are struggling to get up.