Important Tips One Should Know to Buy Pearls


Pearls were earlier believed to be only in white color but this was proved wrong when black pearls were discovered. These days, there is huge demand for pearls in different shades like gray, charcoal black, rose gold, pink or combination of colors. You need to be aware of every type of pearl that is available so that you can find the most beautiful and the original pearl of your choice. The pearls are of different varieties depending upon their source and this post will help you with some cool tips on how to buy pearls.

These days you don’t have to visit various stores to buy pearls of your choice. You just need browse through online stores online and place your order. The product will be delivered to your door step. You can go online and check for reputed seller online so that you can get good quality pearls. You should not forget to read reviews online about the product to get an idea. Akoya pearls are saltwater cultured pearls and these pearls are from smaller oysters.

Tips to Buy Pearls


  • Akoya pearls were the first type of cultured pearls. Due to the glow and benefits of the pearls there was a huge demand for it in the industry that led to the innovation of cultured pearls. They are available in smaller size while some of pearl farmers try to plant a bigger size but are hard to find and quite expensive.


  • Akoya pearls are found in different sizes ranging from 3.0 mm to 9.5 mm, the size can go up to 10 mm but that is very difficult to find. The actual color of these pearls is white or cream but these have some of the popular overtones that are extremely beautiful. The different overtones are black, rose gold and silver.


  • Make sure you take the certificate from the seller stating that these pearls are qualified to be sold from the national laboratory.

Buying pearls can be a difficult task. However, with some research, you will not only be able to pick the best pearls but also your pearl shopping will be enjoyable and interesting.