Information You Need To Know About B1 English Test


The English language Speaking and listening is very important. You should know if you are at B1. Because then only you will get the citizenship of the country. You have to pass the test then only you will be approved for getting citizenship in the country. If you fail so it is not a big problem you can give the test again also there is no rule that you have to pass the test at first only. You have to show the result to the country as proof then you will get the visa also. They will check your score how much you are capable of. The test will be conducted in a centre which the government has given permission for that if you give result some other institute so you will be rejected. You have to give the result of that institute only which the government has said.

There are many people who write this test to get a visa from the country. The test includes only speaking and listening, not writing. This may be expensive for the type of persons who are getting fail in the test. Because you have to pay fees then only you will write the test. So make sure you practise and prepare very good so that you may not fail and get a pass in the first attempt only. B1 English test will be conducted in centres.

B1 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the B1 exam prove?

If you give the test, the test sees that are you capable of B1. By passing this only the people will get the visa of the country if they fail, they can write again it depends upon the person. When you have passed the test correctly, that means you can understand and talk the English language properly.

  • How my English will be judged?

If you want a visa for the country, then you have to pass an English test. It is a rule that a person should know to understand and talk about the English language. Suppose he or she does not know to write it not a problem. The level of English will be recognized by the country, and then they will give you the visa of the country.

  • What is the difference between the two tests?

There are a different number of tasks on a different level. Both the test is CEFR. But it should match.

  • What will I have to do in the B1 test?

Your English language skills will be tested. Results from both tests can be approved by the UK government. It is very important that you should know the language. The examiner will see how you talk and how you understand so be careful listen to the rules and regulations of the test to avoid any mistakes in future. You should not hesitate because if you are silent and you are not able to talk properly, then it will be a problem for you because the time of the exam is less so the other people who are there they should also give the test.