Innovative BlackJack variants


BlackJack is a very old game and impresses with its simplicity and the fact that the rules are quite easy to understand. If the rules are quite easy to understand, this usually also means that the process is very monotonous. In the case of BlackJack, it can be said that this is entirely true. Every round has the same process and in every round you have to deal with the same thoughts. Many players therefore think BlackJack is not very varied and do not understand the appeal of the game. After all, it is precisely the properties that have just been mentioned that make the game so interesting.

Especially in online casinos, however, they try to offer the player a little variety. Because since you can play BlackJack online, more and more variants of the classic game are being developed. On the one hand, this serves to enlarge the offer, but above all the players should be served with new and varied games. In the following we present three of the most innovative BlackJack variants at BigTop.

BlackJack Switch

BlackJack Switch is a very new BlackJack variant that is currently particularly popular. This is mainly due to the peculiarity, which one can already assume from the name. In the BlackJack Switch, the player is dealt two hands and can exchange a card between the two hands. Only the two second cards of each hand can be exchanged, but even so it remains a huge advantage over the bank. To compensate for this advantage, BlackJacks are only paid 1: 1 and if the dealer has 22 points, this automatically counts as a tie. Currently, the game is mainly offered in online casinos with Playtech software, but BlackJack Switch can also be played in a few casinos in Las Vegas and Russia.

You can always swap when all players at the table have received their first two cards. But when are you most likely to swap strategically? The decision to “switch” is usually more complicated than the decision for another card or no other card. There are various tables from which you can see which cards have a switch and which are not. Basically, the chance of getting a hand to 20 or even 21 points cannot be missed. One hand is therefore relatively sure to be in the profit zone and the other hand can still move closer to the profit zone.

In the variant Blackjack Switch, the player has a high expectation of winnings with special

In contrast to the normal BlackJack, the house edge is relatively the same. If the game is good, the player can reduce the house edge to 0.18 percent. However, there are also some rule variants of BlackJack Switch in which the house advantage then moves between 0.37 percent and 0.58 percent. Basically, the rules are so well adapted to the possible switch that you get a very similar house advantage.

BlackJack Switch is considered very difficult to analyze, but the switch offers some interesting advantages. Often one hand can be steered into the relatively safe profit zone, so that if you lose the other hand or overbought yourself, you make a plus-minus-zero deal.

BlackJack Switch can be played at any time at several online Casinos , whose range of games is regularly checked and certified by Gaming Laboratory International . This certification is an important indicator of safety and fair play.


Pontoon is a game of chance that is very similar to BlackJack and is based on the same game system. However, there are some additional and modified rules that make the game a little more exciting. Basically, the player is dealt two cards as usual and the dealer also receives two cards. In contrast to the BlackJack, however, not one card is face up, but both cards are face down. The aim of the player is to get a higher number than the dealer without getting overbought (over 21 is overbought).

The Blackjack Pontoon gaming table setup with three hands dealtIn the Pontoon variant, the blackjack is paid 2 to 1 by the playerAt pontoon there are a few rules that differ from classic blackjack

The differences to the BlackJack are as follows:

The dealer always wins a tie, otherwise the stake is paid back. So if the dealer and player each have 20 points, the bank wins the bet. A pontoon pays 2: 1. An ace + a card with a value of 10 wins twice the stake. If the player and dealer have a pontoon, the first special feature comes into play. In a so-called 5-card Charlie, the player wins 2: 1. If the player does not overbuy himself with 5 cards, he wins. If the dealer also has a 5-card Charlie, the dealer wins.

The pontoon can always be doubled. No matter how many cards you have in hand, it can be doubled and then exactly one more card is drawn. The simplest example is when you are below 11 points with four cards. A 5-card Charlie is safe and cannot be overbought. Sharing is also always allowed, up to a maximum of 3 hands. In order to weaken these advantages a little, the player under 15 points must always take a card.

With optimal play, the house advantage is just 0.17 percent and thus below the house advantage of BlackJack. This is also the main advantage of the game. Of course, the disadvantage is that the dealer always wins if the hands are the same. Since this was included in the calculation of the house edge, this is not really unfair, it makes Pontoon a game of chance, which is best played at 888Casino .

Duel BlackJack

Duel BlackJack is a fast and actually quite uncomplicated BlackJack variant. As with traditional BlackJack, the goal is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over the 21 mark. The game usually begins with an ante bet after which the cards are dealt. The player is dealt an open card and a face down card, while the dealer’s cards are both face down. Two additional cards are laid out as community cards in the center of the table. Now you have to decide: The hand can be “folded” so that you only lose your ante bet. You can also play and must then make a second bet equal to the ante bet.

The Blackjack Duel variant has ante and community cards in the middle. The game table of the new Blackjack variant Duel-Blackjack

Now an open community card of the choice of your own hand is added. If you have a good hand with your own open card and the chosen community card, you can now say “Stand”. If you want another card, the player’s second card is turned over. Then it is the dealer’s turn and must reveal a card, choose a community card and can then reveal his second card.

Even with Duel BlackJack, the house edge is relatively normal. The chances of winning are a little worse than with normal BlackJack. The advantage, however, lies in the community cards. First you have the choice and can possibly throw together a very good hand with the one open card and one community card. If you want to try this variant of the game, you should stop by the Ladbrokes Casino .