KothaPorodu is streaming on Aha OTT


The Telugu industry is working day and night to bring out the best in its movies. It always tries to win the hearts of the audience by its overwhelming work and quality. You can find the Telugu industry making every movie of all various types of genre. It ranges its movies and web series from comedy, humor, romance, thriller, horror, and even family entertainment. It has reached a milestone all over the world. The Tollywood industry was underrated during the initial times but has gained its popularity and image today. The audience desperately waits for the release of new movies and web series. It releases its movies on various OTT channels. But Aha being one of them, provides amazing quality movies and web series to its audience. You can watch the Indian web series online at the Aha application.  Some of the movies and web series are available for free. KothaPorodu is one of the most demanded web series which is streaming on the Aha platform.

Kothaporodu is a Telugu web series and is directed by Anvesh Michel. This web series is based in rural Telangana and is streaming on Aha Application. It focuses on the issues and problems people face in social life by staying in the village. This web series revolves around Raju, who was a lucky young guy. Raju has to move from village to city to earn money. But became trouble for his family. Istharayya (Sudhakar Reddy), Raju’s father, had multiple wives and took many debts from the village. Raju needs to take care of all the debts that he had taken. Raju also had a childhood girlfriend named Nagma. Raju also faced a lot of problems and issues with Nethi Rajesh (Raj Tirandasu). The rest of the web series revolves around how Raju dealt with and managed to come out of these problems?

This web series is designed and curated in the best way and with the efforts of many individuals. It brings out the best effect to the people. It is one of those Telugu web series that has thrill, love, fun, and humor. It is a must-watch web series among the people. Aha application has witnessed a lot of downloads for this amazing web series.

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