Making Your Activity Essay Lively


The activity essays are sometimes the most tasking essays to write. It is typically brief, so you must budget your words and select your points carefully. It must tell a part of your story in a clearly expressed manner and also engage the reader quickly. Below are a few points to give uniqueness and life to your essay.


Excellent narration of an event that is captivating should comprise your beginning paragraph. Maybe you had a terrible experience your first day at the beach or came across a less privileged person which led you to donate at a shelter or a food pantry. Telling this kind of story in a short but concise paragraph would undoubtedly capture the mind of the reader.


The second paragraph should give a short rundown of your experiences while taking part in this activity. Describing only your participation will be boring and meaningless. Perhaps, working in a hospital or volunteering at a shelter has widened your understanding of the suffering people go through, and made you appreciative for your circumstance; sporting activity has impacted your ability to set targets and pledge to their accomplishments.


This is probably be the last paragraph, and it should look to the future. On some campuses, for instance, there are lots of avenues for service projects and voluntary works sponsored by a variety of organizations. Express your intention to join such organizations and to urge people to do the same. You don’t only want to leave the reader impressed with your achievements, but with your insight and capability to reveal your piece in such a captivating and unique manner. Visit order.

Keep it short

The most notable problem applicants have as they handle an essay is conciseness. In most cases, you will be limited to 200 words. To comply with this restriction, the suggestions below might be of help:

  • Put down your paragraphs without worrying about word count
  • Leave the essay for a while
  • Come back to it and read it through, highlighting the components you must keep and those sentences and phrases which you know are engaging
  • In the second paragraph, try to shorten the description of your experiences. Perhaps you can pay attention to one significant encounter that impacted greatly on you
  • Reread the essay, two sentences at a time. Can you merge a sentence into a more concise sentence without sacrificing flow?