Men Are Crazy About Men Moissanite Rings Too


Men moissanite rings are as popular as women Moissanite rings. Maybe men are not as passionate as women do but they wear Moissanite rings too mainly when they will be getting it at a pocket pinching price. You can get it in 80 to 90 percent less amount than Diamond. Even people get it either it is a Diamond or a different stone and you will be getting uncountable compliments that you can`t even imagine.

Something more about Moissanite

Moissanite gemstone was originally discovered from the crater in rock samples. But now it is man-made and it can be produced in the laboratory as well. This stone is not very expensive like the Diamond but it is very much known for its brilliance and sparkle as well. Almost all the Moissanite gemstones are flawless in terms of clarity. Moissanite gemstone refers to in terms of the MM measurement, unlike Diamond.

Which one will be the best for men`s engagement rings?

Moissanite rings would be the best engagement ring option ever no matter what. As it looks so attractive n it would make a perfect image of the bridegroom. Taste, lifestyle, personality will be reflected through that single piece so it must be attractive.The ring will catch everyone`s eyes and will make your engagement ceremony memorable forever.

Do men wear engagement rings?

Men do not follow the rituals or do not follow the trend but still few are there who follow. Mainly people are more into trend more into the flow. If any celebrity person would start to do something new all of a sudden common people start following it. When the most famous pop-star Ed Sheeran announced that he will wear men`s engagement ring and made a wave. Here is just an example that men can wear engagement rings too.

Men`s Moissanite engagement rings

Men engagement rings need to be looked as elegant as a women’s ring look. Moissanite stones are as glorious as a diamond. So why look for a substitute. While you can have such a superb looking, amazing gemstone at an affordable price! You can easily choose an engagement ring centered with a moissanite gemstone instead of diamonds.

1.16CT Emerald Colorless Moissanite Men's Ring | Half Bezel Set ...

Why go for a Moissanite engagement ring for men

As we all know that men are not that much attracted to ornaments as women do. If they are ready for it then they should go for a classy one. Gold will not make it worth it. It will not make a good match like the Moissanite would do. So to enhance the look men should wear a Moissanite ring that is less expensive at least compared to a Diamond.

Reasons to select a Moissanite Ring for engagement instead of Diamond

While there is a Moissanite ring you can say an easy goodbye to the big expensive Diamond. Let just look after some reasons that we should buy a Moissanite engagement ring instead of a Diamond.

  • It is much more affordable than a Diamond. It is priced differently compare to Diamond.
  • It looks as classy as a Diamond ring looks.
  • It glows perfectly.
  • You can put on it on a daily basis.
  • Moissanite is fiery than diamond.
  • Moissanite emits more flashes when it comes under direct to the light.
  • Sometimes it sparkle more than a diamond. It does not attract dirt so much.
  • Moissanite gemstones are harder compared to the other stones.
  • Moissanite stones are flawless in terms of clarity.

Moissanite rings are very much appropriate for the couple mostly for those who like the aesthetic look of a diamond but not capable of buying it. When Moissanite is an available option why to think twice? Just go for it and make your engagement party more gracious and more memorable with a pair of Moissanite engagement rings.

When there are pros, there are cons too

  • The color

When it is about type and brand moissanite is a little yellowish. Truly the color is not much clear. In some lighting situations, it shows a greenish or a yellowish effect. While looking for exactly the same as Diamond and if you want your gemstone to be colorless then Moissanite can`t fulfill your desire. If you are willing to have that perfect colorless natural one you won`t be satisfied with a Moissanite ring.

  • Many jewelers do not work with Moissanite

Even many jewelers do not work with Moissanite gemstones so make sure before making a deal with it. Think ahead before buying one.

  • Unnecessary comments

If it is regarding tradition and all some backdated people is there who will pass a few comments like fake Diamond can cause bad luck and will try to make you realize that you have taken a wrong decision. People would make continuous unnecessary comments that can break your heart and divert your mind too. They will demotivate you just because of some unnecessary remarks.

  • Compared to diamond

Another most important con about Moissanite is that it is always compared to diamonds and people take this name along with diamonds and it is always assumed to be a diamond. But it should be praised for its own characteristics that cannot be present in any other gemstone mainly at such affordable price.

Final word

After discussing all this most important part and that is the conclusion and in the end, it is as clear as water that Moissanites are very much perfect for a couple including men and women. It is a stone that can be used to both the woman and man. People can dream about expensive things but all of them can`t afford it. Color is not a big factor while a lot many pros are there. Sometimes money matters the most. Getting a Moissanite in a less expensive budget won`t make you disappointed at all.


Though many jewelers reject to customize a moissanite ring but it should be accepted by them then this stone would get more priority. The stone should always be praised for its own characteristics. Even when people would try to misguide you just listen to them but take decisions on your own because at the end your partner and you have to pay the bill. Others will not do it for you.