Same Old Polos


Everyone loves polo shirts. They are comfortable to wear in summers. They epitomize your statute at the same time gives you comfort.  But there is one basic problem with polos; polos do not have much variety in terms of the design and print it. And the Global clothing industry also seems to have no intention in bringing new prints and designs to the world of polos.  Polos have not evolved much over time. They remained of same solid light colors with little to no print on them. But what if you want some print on your polo? To whom you would go? No MNC clothing brand offers a solution.

Printed polo shirts from 12Tees

12Tees, a clothing brand in Australia have, however, come forward to relief you of this misery. They are offering you to design your polo shirts that are your printed polo shirts. You can choose the material; you can choose the color, you can choose the manufacturing technology moreover you can choose the print of the PO shits itself. 12Tees is one of the pioneers in incorporating advanced technologies with the production of clothes. They have brought Nanotech, UV tech, Silver tech, Nano dryX technology with the clothing line as well and they are offering all these to you when you want to print your polos yourself. You have the option to choose the fabric they suit your skin type like polyester, cotton blended polyester, etc. But the most excruciating fact is that you can choose your own print you may choose polka dots, or checked whatever you wish and you can incorporate your graphic designs as well.

So if you are bored with the same old light colored solid polos and wants to opt for a change, then it is time that you contact 12Tees and start designing your polos with them so that you can wear your print.