Sisal Carpet: All you want to know

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Floors are trending, but that doesn’t mean carpets have lost their value. No matter how beautiful a floor is, rugs and carpets make the look of the floor perfect. Without them, it always looks, something is missing from the surface. There is no doubt that carpets are the base of your furniture decoration. As per studies, it has proved that the first thing anyone notices when entering any place is the floor. So no matter how beautiful you may have decorated your home if a carpet is not up to the mark, you will lose at a first impression.

Carpets bring uniformity in the whole area and beautify the place, on the other hand, rugs make your room more breathable, and it can make different sections of your room look beautiful more than other parts. So, if you are looking to make a particular area a center of attraction, all you have to do is; installing a new rug. Carpets are available in many types and subtypes.

Natural carpets are famous for their chemical-free and eco-friendly features. They give you beauty with almost no side effects. This guide here will describe all you want to know about one of the natural carpets, i.e. Sisal Rugs.

What are Sisal Fibers?

Sisal is a natural fiber made from a tropical plant. After harvesting they go through from the process and turn into tissues. Sisal Fibers are so strong that they are commonly used in the manufacturing of the ropes and twines. The textured look of Sisal makes it the prior choice for carpets.

Benefits of Sisal Carpets:

  • Durability: Sisal belongs to most durable types of carpets, as mentioned before they are an excellent choice for ropes that show the strength. As a carpet, Sisal easily handles heavy and rough foot traffic. It is an excellent choice for homeowners with pets and children. The rough and tough material doesn’t let it get flat for a long time.
  • Decent colors: The look of natural sisal carpet is elegant, look at its beige white and creamy richness. It always blends with any décor and looks perfect for your home. But if you want to have something with different colors than dyed sisal carpets are also available in the market.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Sisal is a natural material; it doesn’t infiltrate your indoor atmosphere with toxic elements. It is also biodegradable material. Not only this, but it is also the right choice for people with allergies due to its anti-allergic properties.
  • Sisal is natural absorbent: This natural absorbent feature allows keeping your floor warm in winter and cooling in summers.
  • Sisal mats resist static and are not very flammable.
  • Sisal stays firm on the floor and provides you with anti-slip insurance.
  • Affordable choice: If you are looking for something less expensive natural flooring, Sisal is an excellent choice.
  • Sisal is a rough and tough kind of carpet, but if you want to have something softer, you can buy a blend of Sisal with wool. That will give your feet a more delicate and plusher feeling every time you lay foot on it.

Tips for cleaning Sisal Carpets:

You must be hearing a lot about natural fiber carpets that they are hard to maintain and clean, but it is not valid. Few of these tips can help you keep it fresh for a long time:

  • Vacuum daily: It will not let dust absorb in the material, and it will look fresh every time.
  • Take stains seriously; if there is any spill; don’t let it stay on the carpet for a long time. Keep in mind that cleaning a stain requires bloating with the right material and never rub it.
  • Do not saturate or overuse water.

Best place to install Sisal:

The perfect place where Sisal can provide their best is the living room, stairs and corridors. Sisal is an excellent choice for dense traffic areas. Also, its slip-resistant feature makes it a perfect choice for stairs, especially with kids around.

Let’s put it together:

Sisal carpets are an excellent choice for people who want a durable and long-lasting solution for their homes.