Features You Can’t Miss In A PDF To JPG Converter


Portable Document Format is the long-form of a trendy abbreviated term called PDF. Whereas Joint Photographic Experts Group is the long for JPEG or as we commonly know it, JPG. PDF saves data and of its elements in a picture format. In a similar way, JPG stores image data in a very compressed form. 

This could be the reason why more and more people are inclined towards converting their PDF files into JPG ones. If you find yourself in the same category, we suggest you have a quick run-through of this article to know about the features you can’t miss in a PDF to JPG converter.

It has to be fast

We don’t know if you know this or not, but it takes only a few seconds to convert PDF to JPG. We tell this to save you from inefficient and fraudulent online converters that take forever and don’t even convert your files correctly. So, if you come across a converter that takes more than one minute, at maximum, just leave it then and there. You deserve so much better, and there are thousands of suitable converters available online that won’t waste your time. 

It has to let you edit and draw on the file

If your online converter allows you to add a couple of pictures to your PDF file before converting it, don’t consider yourself lucky and the converter cool. It is the bare minimum you could get. A new and improved online converter will let you do some advanced level of editing and drawing on the file before converting it. So, set your standards high because it is 2020, and we can expect some real work out of these online tools. 

It has to be easy

To convert a PDF file into a JPG one, you don’t need a lot of knowledge about technology and other things similar. You just need to know which files you are going to convert and press some buttons, probably only two. That’s all it takes to operate an online PDF to JPG converter, and if a converter looks way too complicated to use, it is not very well made. So, you should switch to a better converter, which you can easily find. 

It has to allow all-time access

Gone are the days when you could access your files using only a laptop or computer. Today, we can expect even online converters to allow us all-time access to or converted files using different devices and even other platforms. From mobile to laptop and Google Drive to Cloud Storage, the converter should support and accept everything. 

It has to extend good customer support 


When you are working with technology like converting PDF to JPG, you have to consider a few glitches and hiccups that may or may not occur. In case they do, you should have a support system. It would be highly appreciable if the online PDF to JPG converter extends good customer support in time of your need.