The Ingredients Making Purtier Placenta and their Benefits


Safe and effective products for reversing the aging process aren’t common. We cannot say that technological advancement has not positively impacted the production of these products, but the few products available don’t give optimal return on investment.  Recently, the deer placenta live cell therapy hit the news headlines with a boom, and people who had the problems the product can solve have significantly benefited. Despite the criticism and dislikes, the product is doing quite well in terms of sales. Let’s dig into the ingredients making the Purtier placenta, and why they are advantageous.

Deer Placenta—Deer placenta makes the biggest part of this product.  It makes up 100 milligrams of the deer placenta live cell therapy. It’s super useful in renewing the aging process, retaining vitality and growth of organs, and enhancing the conditions for those who have impotence, diabetes, bone diseases, menopause, and diabetes.

NucleiClavem and apple polyphenol— NucleiClavem’s content in the product is 100 milligrams while apple polyphenol content is 20 grams.  NucleiClavem has potent antioxidants that help inhibit atherosclerosis, eradicate free radicals, and assist in killing cancer cells. Apple polyphenol has potent anti-bacterial and anti-oxidation properties that help boost muscle strength, reduce free radicals, whitening, and strengthening the defense system.

Fucoidan extract and marine collagen peptides—Fucoidan extract’s content in deer placenta live cell therapy in 50 milligrams while marine collagen peptides’ content is 100 milligrams. Fucoidan extract has galactose, uronic acid, L-fucose, Fucoidan sulfate, mannose, and anti-cancer effects, which help improve the immune system, offer anti-inflammatory benefits, and block replication of cancer cells.

Dendrobium and squalene—the content of squalene is 20 milligrams, while that of dendrobium is 100 milligrams.Dendrobiumhas superior abilities in enhancing blood circulation, lubricating joints, moistening lungs, improving blood circulation, combating fatigue, and combating premature. Squalene helps improving oxygen intake, activating cells, enhancing blood circulation, repairing damaged cells, removing body toxins, strengthening immune system, and boost metabolism.

Lycopene and avocado oil— the lycopene content available in this product is 50 milligrams, while avocado oil is 100 milligrams.  Lycopene has potent antioxidants for lowing aging, preventing tumor growth, regulating lipid metabolism, and cholesterol, preventing cardio-cerebrovascular disease and improving breast, uterus, and prostate health. Avocado oil aids prevent allergy, reduce morbidity of kidney stones and cataract, reduce age spots and inflammation, and improve capillaries’ elasticity.

Borage oil, evening primrose oil, and Aloe Vera extract—Borage oil’s content is 200mg, and Aloe Vera extract’s content is 10mg, while evening primrose oil is 100mg. Borage oil prevents diabetes and heart disease and reduces cholesterol. Aloe Vera extract has vitamins, amino acids, and active enzymes that help improve health and skin look. As for evening primrose oil, it has vitamins and minerals that aids promote metabolism, enhance vitality, and control body functions.

Place your order for Purtier Placenta today and stand a chance to enjoy the many benefits it has in store for you. Get it from the official website of the manufacturer to avoid getting conned.