Is Grocery Delivery Worth It for New Jersey Residents?


Taking trips to the grocery store has long been a part of everyday life for New Jersey residents, but what if you could get all the food items you need without having to leave your house? Though the concept has been around for decades, only in recent years has professional home grocery delivery exploded. Now instead of taking time to wander through store aisles picking up items, you can hop online and quickly arrange a grocery delivery nj order or even an in-store pickup. 

But for New Jersey residents who are well-accustomed to fitting supermarket trips into their weekly routines, is home grocery delivery (much less in-store pickup) worth it? If you’re considering whether you should get on your own grocery delivery nj, here’s what you need to know:

It’s Primarily About Saving Time

There are a lot of different reasons people may choose grocery delivery services, but the biggest one of all is quite simple. Getting your groceries delivered saves you a lot of time! 

According to Bloomberg, the average American visits the grocery store 1.6 times per week, spending about 43 minutes in the store on each trip. And this is not including the time it takes to put together a shopping list, travel to and from the store, and then unloading the groceries from your car once you get home. That’s hours you could be spending doing other things each month! And if you have a special meal planned or a holiday is coming up, you easily double or even triple all that time. It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

Grocery Delivery Helps You Budget Better

How many times have you gone to the grocery store with a set list of items in mind, only to throw random things in your cart and end up spending way more than you intended? Hey, it happens to all of us, but with home grocery delivery or even store pickup services it doesn’t need to. 

Instead, grocery delivery makes it easier than ever to hash out an appropriate budget ahead of time, decide what items you really need (and what you really don’t), then avoid any temptation to overspend. Turns out you don’t end up with a lot of random extra items when someone else is doing the shopping for you!

Outside Services vs. In-house Store Delivery Service

There are a lot of private or “outside” companies now offering grocery delivery but depending on your store preferences you may be better off going with the supermarket’s own delivery team. After all, an in-house delivery team can save time by having to do less traveling and knowing the store layout better. 

Going with a store’s own delivery service can also be easier on your wallet, as outside grocery delivery nj services often tack on additional fees. Think about it; the store is already benefiting from you buying their products, so minimal delivery fees are charged. A third-party delivery service meanwhile must make the grocery trip worth it for them, so they tend to charge their customers quite a bit more. 

Is it Worth it for New Jersey Residents?

Only time will tell just how much New Jersey residents can save on time, money and stress as more and more people opt for home grocery delivery or store pickup options. In the meantime, it seems likely that both home budgets and weekly meals will get healthier by going this route.