The Latest Telugu Action Movies


The interest to watch Telugu movies is abundant for a lot of viewers in this era. Unlike olden days, the present generation loves to watch Telugu movies online  that belong to different genres like action, horror, and comedy. The variety of films is screened nowadays for the interest of the audience in the Telugu industry. Many films are being dubbed from other languages to the Telugu industry to a great extent. Many films are being screened online, depending upon the interest of the audience of Telugu people. In general, the audience loves watching action films of many superstars. Those films that are very big hits in Telugu are screened online. The online interest for the viewers is increasing daily basis. 

There are many reasons why online interest is growing among the audience nowadays. The flexibility of watching these films is abundant with the audience who love films. The interest of watching these films is normally high among the audience, and hence many superstar films that were superhit in those days are again screened for the audience. The fans of superstars are still interested in watching their favorite heroes film even nowadays, The sentimental, comedy, and horror movies are being screened for the online audience with great expectations.

NGK is a Telugu action movie released in the year 2019. The major leading actors of the film are Surya and sai Pallavi. The store of the film is that the hero is ready to come up in life through politics since his younger days. The screenplay is based on his hard work to get achievements in life and to reach the goals. The music of the film is scored by Yuvan Shankar raja, and the songs are super hit. The film had a good run in the box office, and hence the audience loves watching these films to their heart. 

Arjun Suravaram is a Telugu hit film based on the genre action. The film was released in the year 2019 and was a good hit in the box office. This film was directed by Santhosh and directed by Rajkumar. The story revolves around the hero who wants to become a famous journalist against his father’s dream. His father did not like his son becoming a journalist as he has lost scope on it. The total duration of the film is about 149 minutes. The major leading actors of the film are Nikhil and Lavanya.

Choosi Chudangaane is a famous Telugu comedy film released in the year 2020. The film had a good run in the box office. The film was directed by sesha and produced by Raju kandukuri. The music of the film was scored by Gopi Sundar. The film was distributed by Suresh productions. The story of the film is based on different stages of the hero’s life. The hero falls in a love relationship and has some ups and turns. The songs of the films are favorite to the audience. The leading actors of the film are Shiva Kandukuri,Varsha Bollamma, and Malavika Satheesan. Indeed, this film attracted all kinds of fans.

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