The Right Motives for the Right Affiliate Marketing


Only a few people knew about affiliate marketing a few years ago. Currently, the situation is better, yet we lag behind the rest of the world and do not use it to such an extent. Whether its e-shops that affiliates include in their marketing campaigns or other parties, affiliates and that’s a shame, because for e-shops, affiliate marketing can be a source of new orders, increasing brand awareness along with better cash flow. Again, there are affiliate partners who can do work that will entertain them, work from anywhere in the world and be their own boss.

What Kind of Type?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing that focuses on increasing sales in e-commerce. Every year, more companies include it in their marketing mix. The reason is simple with fairness and efficiency.

  • The main principle of affiliate marketing is payment for the conversion (sale, registration, purchase of membership).
  • This is a fundamental difference from other marketing channels, such as PPC, banner advertising or, for example, television advertising, where you are not guaranteed success.

Effectiveness is given by a fixed commission, which usually remains unchanged for the duration of the affiliate campaign, as well as an overview. Each affiliate software offers a preview of how affiliate campaigns are doing through simple statistics. Filtering by month, week and year makes the whole process easier. Through the Evergreen Wealth Formula, you can learn the best of the same. However, The unethical practice of fake reviews should not be accepted by you before you go through the whole process.

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing combines 3 sides:

  • e-shop / company
  • affiliate partner (publisher)
  • Target customer

The task of the partner is to promote the services or products of the company or e-shop. If the partner brings promotional materials (affiliate link or banner) to the site of the visitor, who decides to buy the goods, then the partner will receive a commission, which will be in the state of “unevaluated.”

  • This will be for at least 14 days, when the customer runs the possibility of returning the goods. Most campaigns have 30 days to approve.
  • Thanks to this time, there are really several options and often it is a combination of several options together. 

For example: a partner owns a magazine, but also has an Instagram account and an email database of its readers. He will write a review for his magazine and send the article to his readers by e-mail. After a few days, he will add a story to the instagram, where he will point out the article.

Where can a publisher promote an e-shop?

  • magazines
  • blogs
  • review sites and comparators
  • cashbacks and coupon sites
  • social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and more)
  • email contact database

What is currently flying in affiliate marketing?

For this year’s review they are sure, that deliver superior value information for their readers. There are many buyers shop mainly based on positive reviews. They are happy to see that their product is being used by someone else and is satisfied with it. Of course, the review should not only be positive. 

Just follow simple advice: be objective

Write down what you like about the product or service, but don’t forget to point out any disadvantages. Unnecessary praise can hurt you, because it will look like a paid advertisement. No one will believe such a review and it will be difficult to buy through you based on this experience.