How to watch online movies for free?


Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars every month for movie tickets and Netflix subscription? If you are thinking about watching movies for free, we can help you. In this article, we will present to you the best platforms where you can watch different movies through online mode, without paying any subscription amount.

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So, get ready to watch online movies without spending a dime!


Have you heard about Hoopla? If not, you need to do a bit of research about this online platform that can help you to watch your favourite movies without paying a penny. You will be excited to know that your local library card or your college ID can help you get free access to Hoopla. If you have lost your college ID, it’s time to get a new one as you will get entertainment as well as education.


Today everyone and anyone know about IMDb TV. It is one of the best platforms that can provide you with an opportunity to watch as many movies as you want without paying a dime. The best part about IMDb TV is that you can get movies from different genres at this platform. The user interface of this platform is amazing, and the big search bar on the homepage of the website helps you to search your favourite movies within a few seconds. Another major associated with IMDb TV is that they also provide reviews for the recently released movies and TV shows. Thus, check reviews before watching movies on IMDb.

Internet Archive

Just like the name suggests, the Internet Archive includes an archive of best movies and TV shows. You may find any movie you like on this platform. You can easily stream more than a thousand hours of the movie at this platform. The best part about the Internet Archive is that you not only get access to free movies and TV shows, you can also download the movies and TV shows and watch them as per your convenience. So, instead of wasting a thousand dollars watching movies at a theatre, how about watching them for free at the Internet Archive.


Kanopy is regarded as the biggest name when it comes to online entertainment. The platform comes up with the best user interface, and you can watch the best quality movies and TV shows at this platform without wasting a single penny. All you need is your library card or your college ID card to get access to Kanopy for free of cost. Another biggest advantage of using Kanopy is that you can easily download the Kanopy app to watch movies anytime you want. So, you don’t have to return to your home to watch your favourite movie. You can complete a movie with Kanopy even when you are travelling on a bus.

So, choose any of these platforms if you want to get access to the best quality entertainment. Let us know which of these online movie streaming platforms worked best for you.