Why commercial HVAC systems are different from residential HVAC systems?

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Your comfort at home in summer or chilly weather season completely depends on HVAC systems. They are installed in both commercial and residential buildings. Many of you might think they are the same, but actually, they are not. Therefore, it becomes important to know the difference in terms of various factors.


  • Power


The design of commercial spaces is huge as a greater number of people work there. It means they require an HVAC system of high power as compared to residential ones. Moreover, efficiency, peak hours, and the number of occupants are also considered because they affect the cooling and heating of HVAC systems.


  • Installation


Rooftops are known to be a good choice for installing an HVAC system. It is not always, but the prime reason is the space, especially for the commercial systems. On the other hand, residential ones can easily be put behind a home because of their dimensional design. For installation purposes, you can call expert technicians who can help you in doing so.


  • Complexity


Different components of the commercial system when compared to the residential ones are considerably complex. The residential HVAC systems are simple in designs so the components used are also simple.


  • System mechanics


The residential systems are found as split designs, which means there are specific components installed in the indoor system and rest on the outdoor side. Hence, their modifications cannot be possible. Discussing about commercial HVAC, they are quite modular making them increase or reduce the heating capacity. Hence, the maintenance becomes easier.


  • Drainage


The drainage system involves in residential HVAC is compact, unlike commercial HVAC. Because of the high power and size, the drainage of commercial ones is more complicated. Hence, the technicians install additional multiple pipes and pans.


  • Equipment


There are two components called outdoor compressors and indoor evaporators that control the humidity, heating, and cooling of a residential unit. This doesn’t happen with commercial HVAC and you have to use thermostats, blowers, and dampers to work in different zones.

The conclusion

The necessity of both commercial and residential HVAC systems is doing proper heating and cooling. In case, you face some problem with any of them, contact the experts for taking residential and commercial service.