5 Things To Think About When Buying a Commercial Lawn Mower

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When purchasing any business equipment, there are a few things to consider to ensure you’re going to get what you need. Landscaping businesses are no different. Landscaping involves hard work, depending on what exactly you do. Before purchasing a commercial mower, it’s vital to think about what you need from the mower. The right equipment makes a difference in how much work you do and how much the equipment does for you.


A commercial mower can be very useful if you have large properties to maintain. Even if you don’t have large properties, the amount of jobs also affects your time spent. There could be more advantages to completing your work faster. Perhaps you could shorten your workday and have more family time. You might be able to obtain more business opportunities as well. One option is to open up other services. Some mowers may allow you to complete other tasks.

Commercial lawn mowers with more features available can be an excellent opportunity to gain more business. It also could be beneficial in the slower seasons to keep work coming in. Many commercial mowers have different attachments, such as blades, blowers, brushes, and snow blowers. Having more services to offer could allow for further profits and eventual expansion opportunities.

Positioning of the Operator

You’ll need to think about what type of mower to buy as well. The positioning of the operator can affect the maneuverability of the machine. A sit-down mower offers the operator lower-body comfort. Walk-behind mowers and standing mowers are options to choose from as well. The machine type affects productivity, efficiency, and comfortability. You and your team should decide which mower type will be the best option.

Cutting Width

The width of the mower also varies from model to model. Some mowers have a larger deck to be able to mow more area at a time. Smaller decks can access tighter areas. There may be areas on the property that are narrow, which might be challenging to mow. Areas like this are usually between gates, fences, and pathways. Because of this, mowers with smaller decks are appealing. The speed of a job could be affected as well.

Discharge Preference

Appearances matter in landscaping. Many lawn care customers have certain preferences as to the disposal of the clippings. Clippings can be discharged from either side, the rear, or collected. Side discharge also gives a higher quality cut. Consider all the brands and models available that have flexible discharge or collection capabilities. Some models might have multiple options available.

Fuel Preference

The fueling system is another contributing factor to consider when purchasing a commercial mower. As with company vehicles, fuel efficiency can vary depending on the job and type of fuel used. Economic status and inflation can cause fuel prices to fluctuate. The fueling system can be a determining factor of which model you choose.

Options for fueling commercial mowers are gas, flex-fuel (E85 ethanol), diesel, and propane. Some fuels have different effects on the machine and the environment than others. For example, ethanol-free gas is preferable to unleaded for the health of the mower. However, it does have more harmful emissions.

If you own a landscaping business, you probably offer lawn care as one of your services. Not only that, but lawn care is probably a substantial portion of your income source. Make the most of your investment by considering all of these vital aspects before purchasing commercial lawn care equipment. Whether you’re purchasing mowing equipment for your new landscaping business or you’ve been in business for some time, choosing the right equipment matters.