Emirates ID At Meydan Free Zone

Application Process For Your Emirates ID At Meydan Free Zone


Every year, the UAE welcomes thousands of expatriate residents. Each is given an administrative checklist upon arrival to ensure a seamless adjustment to life in the country.

This to-do list could contain everything from obtaining business permits to signing housing leases or employment contracts. It will, however, always include the application for an Emirates ID.

The Emirates ID is a government-issued identity card in the United Arab Emirates. It is required of all UAE nationals and residents, and life in the UAE would be quite difficult without it. The good news is that applying for an Emirates ID is simple and quick with the help of an expert.

What exactly is an Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID is a form of identification. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues it, and it must be carried with you at all times.

It is, however, much more than a technique of identification. Citizens and residents of the UAE can use their Emirates ID card to:

  • Take advantage of government services.
  • Vote in the Federal National Council elections.
  • Within the GCC, you have complete freedom of movement (citizens only)
  • Several airports in the UAE have eGates and smart gates for immigration.

It’s crucial to remember that your Emirates ID is unique to you. Anyone who seizes another person’s identification card is breaking the law. Customers, tourists, and employees are not allowed to be denied the Emirates ID by companies or other authorities.


Obtaining an Emirates ID is simple if you have the necessary information. To submit your application, simply go to an authorised typing centre or complete out an online form. After submitting your application, you will receive a text message with instructions on how to proceed with it.

In most situations, there are only three further steps to take: submit biometrics and have a medical examination, finish the residency visa process, and pick up your ID from an Emirates Post branch. A valid passport and residency permit, as well as a passport-sized photo, are normally required when submitting an application.

The cost of obtaining an Emirates ID

The following is a breakdown of the cost of applying for an Emirates ID:

  • AED 100 – five-year card issuing fee
  • AED 200 – ten-year card issuing fee (only available to UAE nationals)
  • The service price is AED 40.
  • The printing office fee is AED 30.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues an e-version of the Emirates ID to allow residents and citizens to take use of the various benefits of the card before receiving the physical card.

Download the ICA UAE Smart app to get this version. You can then register your information to acquire a QR code that will allow you to generate an e-Emirates ID card. This is saved in the app’s wallet area and can be used to access services in the same way as the physical version can. Therefore, choose Meydan Free Zone, to enjoy these amazing paperless services from your place.