Debunking Online Casino Myths


This past year has seen a huge surge in new users for the biggest operators around the world as land-based casinos continue to struggle and online services are booming, similar has certainly been true with the betting industry too as brick-and-mortar stores have been closing in favour of the biggest online betting services available not on gamstop such as these – but with the rise in online usership, particularly with newer or inexperienced players, comes a number of myths around the services too – so what are the biggest online casino myths, and is there any truth to them?

Online casinos aren’t as fair as offline counterparts – Perhaps the biggest myth to come is that online casinos aren’t as fair – perhaps it’s because many of the mechanics are hidden, or just uncertainty with changing to an online platform, but this will likely always remain at the top of the myths list. Instead, the opposite is likely true – whilst there were some bad eggs in the early days, it’s much harder for these sites to slip through, and with the game’s reliance on things like RNG software to power them, your odds through online games are often a little higher than offline, and in some instances can even be dramatically higher.

Online services don’t pay out to the winners – Another of the big myths is that online services don’t do the big pay-outs for the jackpot winners or delay the process as much as possible – this is another myth that often grows from those who have used more unreliable services, but for the biggest and most well known it would be a huge detriment to not pay-out the winners, not only is there licensing dependent on them doing so but also their online reputation. It’s in the best interest to pay out in a timely manner, and many will have quick options for doing so too – if you’re sticking to the bigger and more well-known operators, this is certainly something you won’t have to be concerned about.

Service slows or crashes for winning players – One that somewhat links to the previous point is the belief that those who are winning big will start to experience a slow service or even crashes to their game to discourage them for playing and winning more – much as with the previous point, it certainly isn’t in the best interest of the operator for this to happen as statistically the longer you play the more in favour of the house  you playing becomes, but even so logistically being able to impact the service of one player and not others would be far too difficult. If you’re on a winning streak and experience some slowness, it’s likely within your own device and not the game itself.

These are just a few of the myths but there certainly are many more – you can be rest assured that so long as you stick to the more well-known services, your gaming experience will be smooth and very enjoyable, and many of these myths come from players who have either lost or have had a bad experience on a poor service.