Difference Between Hire Purchase Loan And Term Loan


Hire purchase is a contract between two or many people.

Example: An individual hires a car for himself by paying installments, and he cannot be the owner of the vehicle until all the payments are cleared.

Hire purchase contracts to last for between 2 to 5 years, and most people last for three years.

If you want to take a hire purchase agreement, you can choose from banks, garages, finance companies, and many more. They are not giving the loan. They are like representatives of any kind of financial institution, and in the middle, they get some percentage of amount because of working for the company. Before applying for a hire purchase loan, you have to carefully read terms and conditions and take advice from someone who has already made a hire purchase loan from somewhere.

How the Hire Purchase Works

Hire purchase is between the consumer and the institution, and is there any retailer between them get some kind of money for working with the institution. And many car loans are given by the garages, and a person can take hire purchase loans from the garage because it acts as a delegate between the finance company and the buyer. Some finance companies give a hire a purchase loan to the buyer when he buys electronic items, personal computers, or any type suitable.

The hire purchase contract says

The goods are just a name for anything, but the real names are examples- furniture, machines. How much amount of the products are and how much interest the consumer should give while paying installments. The hire purchase is EMI money. And some time is defined as EMI multiplied by how much installments are pending. The last installment is to end the contract between the consumer and the retailer or the finance company.

The final payment is called the balloon payment when the consumer owns all the good, which is in the contract. And the contract has a particular date when to pay installments and when is the last payment date. The agreement says how much the amount is divided into the installment, and the finance company should select the interest percentage, and if the consumer is ready to pay the interest percentage, then the agreement is made between them.

The agreement contains the addresses of both parties. Cooling off period is to withdraw agreement in between the ten days. The consumer has to take the time to read and see all the terms and conditions before hiring. And if they miss or don’t understand the terms and conditions carefully, they will regret in future that, why did they not read that.

The consumer should tell the finance company accurately that which for he wants, and he should select the interest rate according to the consumer because it is the right for the consumer to know about it. Hire purchase should be told clearly between the consumer and the retailer or the finance company. The consumer should know how much fee and penalties are there.

Different Types Of Amount To Pay On The Time Of Hire Purchase Agreement

This type of fee may include the period of the hire purchase contract.

  • Documentation cost
  • Types of interest in different time
  • Penalty charge for missed installment
  • Owner fee when you become the owner of the goods
  • Repossession type of charge when the goods are repossessed.
  • Rescheduling cost when the finance company or the retailer agrees to you that you want to change the loan terms.

The Term Loan

These are short term loans offered by banks or any kind of institution to run the borrower business. The amount is given as the capital expenses of the borrower’s business. It has tenure until 5 years. They have different types of loans to suit a particular company. They need only minimum documents of the borrower, and flexibility is there in the repayment option. This is very beneficial for the borrower.

Different Types Of Loan

  • Maximum Repayment amount of the borrower
  • Money quantity of funding is necessary
  • Cash flow and in hand and funds should be available

By seeing this, the interest rates are selected to give to the borrower.

Short term loans

It is the advance given to the borrower for a specific period of time between 12 to 18 months. Some borrowers take loans upto five years. The borrowers take short term loans because of their business needs and give the amount back very fast to the institution.

Intermediate Loan

The institution gives loans only to the ones who are having 3 to 5 years of the tenor. The borrower takes this type of advance for significant funding. They purchase goods or any kind of material and gives money to the business needs.

Long term loans

This type of loan can go up to 25 years. The EMI of this loan is straightforward. Some types of borrowers take this type of loan because if anything happens in the future, how they will pay so, they make long term loans.

How the term loan works

The term loan is very famous, and it is elementary. It comes with different types of rates, interests, EMI, and many more. But before applying for any kind of loan, you should read terms and conditions very carefully if you do not understand it, you will regret it in the future, so it is imperative.

Fixed loan amount: This loan comes with a stagnant amount. Not all the credits are set, so if you don’t want a fixed amount of loan so select that type of loan in which the amount is not fixed. If you want any kind of information about mortgages, you can go to the Capitall SG website.

Repayment of fixed tenor

The borrower must repay the amount through EMI with a fixed tenor. The loan’s time period shows which type of loan the borrower wants like short term loan or long term loan; then, he selects what suits him.