Learn The Effects of Alcoholism on Families in Dallas, Texas


Alcoholism’s Effects on Families

As a disease that affects the entire family, alcoholism or alcohol use disorder has devastating effects on the health of the alcoholic and their loved ones. Relationship concerns, family tensions, child neglect, and financial difficulties are only some of the collateral damage caused by alcohol use disorder. Over 14 million people in the United States suffer from alcohol use disorder, and this disease also impacts their loved ones.

How Do Alcoholism Affect Families?

Below are the effects of alcoholism on families:

  1. Alcoholism worsens financial difficulties in a family.

The effects of substance abuse are felt even in the family’s financial capability. A person’s spending on alcohol increases proportionally with their level of dependence on it. And they need more and more alcohol to feel its effects. And because alcoholics sometimes progress to drug users as well, this often results in an even greater financial drain. In addition, as alcoholism worsens, the alcoholic will require alcohol on a near-constant basis to maintain their level of functioning. For this reason, they risk being fired and the accompanying loss of money for their loved ones.

  1. Alcoholism affects a child’s development.

The emotional and mental health of kids being raised by individuals struggling with alcoholism can be negatively affected in various ways. A child’s view of a “normal” family may be distorted if their alcoholic parent acts out in front of them. For instance, these kids may come to accept as normal some behaviors such as binge drinking, using foul language, and violent behavior as responses to frustration or anger.

  1. There is an increased risk of alcoholism for children growing up in families where alcohol is regularly used by one or both parents.

Many kids being raised by parents struggling with alcoholism face a variety of troubles. Some of them may feel ashamed to discuss the issue freely with others. They hunt for alternatives, and one of those alternatives is alcohol, which has negative effects on the entire family.

  1. The alcoholic prioritizes their own needs over those of their loved ones.

The alcoholic will prioritize their wants and needs over those of loved ones. On the way home from work, they may have been requested to stop over and grab a birthday present for their kid. However, a few of their coworkers have already announced that they will leave early to hit the bars. To the alcoholic, it might seem possible to have a few drinks with their coworkers, purchase the birthday present, and still make it home in time to enjoy their child’s special day. Despite this, the alcoholic will generally stay at the bar drinking until they are cut off or the bar shuts, completely neglecting their obligations and making their urge to drink the top priority.

Alcoholism is A Family Menace, But Help Is Available for Everyone in Dallas

All members of a family are vulnerable to the effects of alcoholism. It’s important for the whole family to receive support when one family member is struggling with alcoholism and is ready to get help. Alcohol addiction treatment is only one of the many services we provide at Taylor Recovery Center in Dallas. Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family; thus, we also offer a family support program in addition to addiction treatment for the patient. Addiction counselling for families has been shown to be beneficial for everyone involved. Feel free to contact Taylor Center right now for more information on how we can assist you.