Learn to Decode Marked Cards Tricks


Poker is a game of trust. Players gather on the table with money to try their poker skills and intelligence to win against the risk. There is only one assurance that no one will use scrupulous means to cheat others. However, several players cross that boundary of trust and use the dirty marked card poker tricks to take undue advantage in winning the game.

There is no end of tricks used by players to take emotional advantages over opponents. There is nothing wrong in that as it is open for all to use. If somebody is a master in the art, let him have some advantages. But anything that is exclusive to someone, and he is using it for advantage is against the spirit of the game. Earlier players used to mark cards during the play and take some advantage of the situation, but the arrival of digital technology has made it extremely simple to manufacture marked cards and make it available publicly in large numbers. You can buy marked cards at https://www.markedcardspoker.com/

Here are some of the contemporary marked card tricks:

  • Card Analyzer

This is the most advanced trick used by poker cheats to win big money. The whole idea is to read the electromagnetic marking using the laser beam technology and process the information using the mobile device. Interestingly, the software also suggests probabilities of best move. At a larger level, poker cameras are used to scan the cards from far and pass the information to the players.

  • Invisible Ink Marked Cards

This is mostly used with by collaborating with some insider so that card deck could be exchanged or marked using the infra-red ink. Since the naked eye cannot see these inks marking, it is very easy for cheat player to read the cards using UV/IR reader lenses or glasses.

  • Barcode Marked Cards

These marked cards poker tricks are designed at a manufacturing level. These cards are readable only through powerful cameras enabled with software to read specific barcodes. This type of card tricks is possible only when the player has access to the barcode reader or the information generated using that reader.

  • Manual Card Tricks

This is one of the most popular modes of ticks as the individual player uses his skill to mark the card in a specific manner so that only he could read the pattern or feature. This gives him the advantage of information capture, resulting in better chances of victory.

  • Password Tricks

It works the same as the barcode card tricks, but the only difference is that readability of a unique password. Cameras and specific software are used to decode the password and use the information in winning the game.

Advancement of technology will definitely bring much more complicated tricks, which normal eyes won’t be able to read. The best strategy is to have a  good collection of advance tools and accessories available on https://www.markedcardspoker.com/ so that you could play a fair game. The way tech is developing fast to decode neurotic impulses, the day isn’t far when this will also be used as a trick to decode your moves. Play fair for pure fun!