Monitor Desk Mounts – The Benefits and the Types that You Must Have a Look at


Working on a laptop/computer in a locked/fixed position is quite uncomfortable. It is for this reason that more and more people are switching towards using desk mounts. So, we have made this guide in order to brief you with some of the best benefits of using desk mounts as well as a couple of such mounts that you can purchase at sellers like PrimeCables

Let’s get started with the, why – Why Monitor Desk Mounts? 

The answer is simple – high-quality mounts like PrimeCables monitor desk mounts offer many benefits. Have a look at the some such most significant benefits below. 

  1. Reduces Postural Problems

Slouching is one of the biggest reasons that people suffer from postural problems. When you have a fixed monitor, there’s no option than actually slouching or bending forward to work. However, if you use an ergonomic monitor desk mount that is moveable, you’ll be able to adjust the computer in the best angle so that you can sit/stand in the perfect posture. 

  1. Reduces Strain

Sitting or standing while working on a computer causes neck strain as well as eye strain. But, when you have a height adjustable and moveable monitor desk mount, you’ll be able to fix it at different angles so that your neck and eyes stay safe even after long working hours. 

  1. Improves Work Efficiency

Believe it or not, a monitor desk mount can actually increase work efficiency. That’s because working on a computer that can be rotated and height adjusted will:

  • Reduce neck pain. 
  • Reduce shoulder pain and back pain. 
  • Reduce postural troubles. 

So, when you will feel healthy, you’ll be able to automatically work with more concentration. 

Having said that, we are now taking you through a couple of monitor desk mounts that you can buy at PrimeCables. Have a look!

#1 Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

This is an amazing dual monitor desk mount that can hold monitors between 13″ to 23″. Some of its best features include the following. 

  • It has a ±90° swivel motion and ±45° tilt angle.
  • It can be rotated 360°.
  • It has cable clips so that the computer cables do not tangle or damage. 

You can have a look at all features of this monitor desk mount here,

#2 Ergonomics Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

This is one of the most practical designs that can accommodate LCD monitors between 13″ to 27″. Some of its features worth a mention include the following. 

  • It can be swiveled by ±90°.
  • Its height can be easily adjusted with the help of an inbuilt spring gauge. 

You can explore many more benefits of this monitor desk mount here,

Now, these are our best 2 picks. 

You can, however, go through a mammoth of variety at PrimeCables here,