Need to find an outstanding warrant? Check here!


SpyFly lets you find information relating to warranties that have been issued in the past. There are various reasons why you may be interested in finding a warranty using SpyFly. Irrespective of the reason, you can easily search our database, and you will find a warranty issued against an individual you are tracking. 

So, what is a warranty, and what information does it indicate? 

What is a Warranty?

A warrant is a document issued when there is intent to make an arrest, perform a search, or to carry out an act that is related to the administration of justice. Normally, a legal officer, or a government official issues a warranty. Nevertheless, before being issued this warrant needs to be granted by a judge of the state.

There a few types of warrants:

  • Surety warrant
  • Arrest warrant
  • Witness warrant 
  • Bench warrant

Each one has a different meaning and a purpose, but the most common warrant, is the arrest warrant. This is the warranty issued where a law enforcement officer intends to take an individual into custody or detention. The arrest warrant can be issued at any time and place, no matter where your current location is. 

An individual may not know that a warrant for them has been issued since the court is not obligated to call or notify them, but the individual has the chance to go online and check himself or herself.

Use SpyFly to check is there is an arrest warrant issued against you

SpyFly gives you the opportunity to check whether there is an outstanding warrant in place for you or someone, you know. 

This can be done with a few simple steps, and it is by entering general information such as first and last name as well as state for the person you would like to check.

Once you obtain this, make sure you have checked the warrant by looking at the offense date. 

You will find information relating to:

  • The date when the charges were filed 
  • The name and location of the court that has issued the warrant
  • Definition or description of the criminal offense (if it is an arrest warrant), 

Make sure you look at the type of the case as it can differ from a felony to missing a payment for a speeding ticket, and so much more.

Some SpyFly users share shocking stories where they have went on a date with someone and later to find that there has been a warrant issued for their arrest, which in sort of a way has saved their life.

Why Access SpyFly in Search of a Warrant?

By accessing a warrant on SpyFly, you can make sure that you or the individual the warrant is issued for respond to it. This of course, can be done by reaching the court that it was issued by and agreeing on court appearance date and time. 

It is always better doing this in advance rather than waiting for police to arrest you or your friend.

Therefore, respond to a warrant is turning yourself in rather then waiting for officials to arrest

There are also cases where the court will require for your arrest before hearing your case on your or an individual’s outstanding warrant. Therefore, it’s best to prepare for this on time and make sure you reach out to an attorney of law.

What next after finding the warrant?

Once you have searched our web for the right information and choose to proceed, a criminal record report will appear for you to look at which not only gives you the view of the outstanding warrant but display any criminal record including court reports, arrest reports and conviction reports that are connected to you or the individual you are looking up.

Be sure that an arrest warrant has no boundaries, meaning if one is issued, the individual can be arrested in any state. So, to deal with this of course you firstly need to check if you have an outstanding warrant.

Understanding the consequences for not appearing in court is also very important as this means you might need to pay some fines defined previously. This may drag other consequences like having your driver’s license revoked. So why go through all the fuss when after conducting such a short and fast search on SpyFly, all the hours spent researching on Google will seem meaningless and you will never think to go in courts and local police department, wait in those endless lines and filling those multiple page forms.

Many websites provide access to this type of information and service for free but at the end of the day you end up with a lot of data that is inaccurate and useless, and you will find yourself trying to connect all the dots.

SpyFly allows you to access up to date information for a very small fee in a very short period of time. We make sure that we find the safest and easiest way to learn the truth about someone. 

That is why our privacy policy is extensive and important to read before you proceed in conducting a search for someone else or even for yourself.

SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.