Road Accidents and the Role of the Lawyers


In the perspective of compensation for a road accident, the Personal injury lawyer constitutes a precious ally whose role is almost always decisive. He advises supports and works to optimize the repair of bodily injury to the victim, in particular by ensuring that all damage items are taken into account.

Concretely, the law provides that the insurance company makes the victim of a traffic accident an offer of compensation within 3 months of the accident if the victim is consolidated; and within 8 months if the victim is not consolidated the compensation offer is then provisional. In practice, offers of compensation spontaneously made by insurance companies are significantly reduced. Many victims, however, consider them attractive enough to accept them without discussion. A lawyer in Personal Injury Law is able to significantly optimize the overall amount of compensation. And it is not uncommon for this amount to be doubled or even more following his intervention.

Pro-Accident Lawyer and His Medical Consultant

Because he is paid by the insurance company, the expert appointed by this company does not present all the guarantees of impartiality necessary for full compensation of the victim. It is the same when the company, in accordance with the law, makes available to the victim a referral doctor paid by him. It is therefore difficult to envisage an expert acting against the interests of his client.

Consequently, one of the decisive roles of the truck accident attorney will be to offer the victim of a traffic accident a trusted expert, that is to say an expert free of any attachment with respect to the companies of insurance, a victim counseling doctor who can prepare medical expertise. This independent doctor will be a valuable counterweight to the opinion of the doctor designated by the insurer. Following his analysis, he can give arguments to the lawyer allowing him to contest the report and the quantification of the damages. Its largely unknown role is therefore decisive for the victim. Too many road accident victims make the mistake of doing without it.

The scope of the law

To benefit from the provisions of the law, three conditions must be met:

First condition: a land motor vehicle

The law concerns traffic accidents necessarily involving a land motor vehicle: a car, a motorcycle, a bus, a coach, a tractor, etc.

Second condition: the fact of traffic

This notion of traffic includes any movement of the vehicle even private of the driver even if this movement is involuntary, and even if the accident does not occur on a lane open to traffic. Thus, the accident caused by a tractor in a field, just like that which occurred in a private yard or a parking lot is subject to the law. The Courts even admit that parking is a traffic fact and include accidents caused by stopping within the scope of the law. You can check the UBER AND LYFT RIDESHARE ACCIDENT GUIDE for any legal matters.