What are Title Bond and How will It Help You?


If you get incomplete or incorrect evidence of ownership or have shed the evidence of ownership and cannot call the vendor for the required documentation, you might have the choice of making use of the title bond Texas to transfer of possession. Here are the actions to follow.

In order to certify, you have to be:

  • A Texas resident, or
  • Armed forces personnel posted in Texas.

The vehicle has to be in your possession and cannot be considered deserted, junked, stolen, or in any type of other pending claims. Although not needed to be operational, it should be a full vehicle including a structure, body, and motor or if a motorcycle, a framework, and motor.

If you satisfy the above eligibility requirements, you may take or mail the following files and a $15.00 management cost. TxDMV approves cash, checks, and money orders as settlement, to the nearest TxDMV Regional Service Facility:

  • A Declaration of Fact for Bonded Title, Type VTR-130-SOF.
  • Any kind of sustaining proof of ownership, such as Receipt, Invoice, Cancelled Check, etc.
  • Appropriate photo ID.

Out of State Automobile

If the candidate is a Texas citizen, but the proof indicates that the vehicle is an out of state automobile, the vehicle identification number should be validated by a Texas licensed Security Assessment Terminal, Car Evaluation Report.

Additionally, if the vehicle has never been entitled or signed up in Texas after that an automobile identification number check is needed from an automobile theft detective on the Law Enforcement Recognition Number Inspection. The Form VTR-68-A. You have to meet with the local law enforcement agencies, for example, the police division or sheriff’s workplace, to establish when and where your regional law enforcement offers these examinations. TxDMV doesn’t offer such evaluations. Upon completion of the evaluation, the examining police officer will supply you with a Form VTR-68-A.