Why Hire Services of Employment Attorney for Firing an Employee


Being an employer, you would be able to handle several routine matters without any specific legal representation. However, there have been instances when consultation with an attorney would become imperative. During such times, it would be in your best interest to hire the services of employment attorney newarknj.

Let u delve on some of the essential instances when you would need the services of a reliable and reputed employment attorney.

Firing an employee

You should rest assured that not all decisions would entail a potential lawsuit. However, if you were skeptical about firing an employee would encompass a potential lawsuit; you should consult an employment attorney. The employment attorney would help carry out your decision of firing an employee based on poor performance or misconduct. The attorney would help you reduce the risk in the best manner possible.

You may wonder where you would consider hiring the services of an employment attorney. Find below some of the instances where you would be required to consult an employment attorney.

  • If the employee has been covered by the employment contract.
  • If the employee has been soon to be vested in a retirement account or stock plan.
  • If the employee has complained about discrimination or harassment or had filed any complaint against you.
  • If the employee believes their termination has been unjustified.
  • If the employee has gained access to valuable proprietary or trade secrets information.
  • If the employee has been a member of a protected class, such as a person having a disability, a person of a religious minority, or a pregnant woman.

In several cases, it would also be a great idea to hire the services of an attorney looking at a specific kind of proposed package, especially needed for high-level employees. You would be able to make major decisions affecting a huge number of people.