Fun Facts About Poker That Will Blow Your Mind Away


Poker is one of the most popular and interesting card games in the world, which are celebrating the existence of over 200 years. The game is loved to an extent where, with each passing year, the number of players increases by manifold. Today, Poker can be played in a casino as well as from the comfort of your home, making it accessible to anyone anywhere. Nevertheless, Poker is a game that requires both a great amount of luck but is of no use if not played with skill, caution, and planning.

Considering Poker is an ancient game, you might think you know everything about this game. But do you? There are still many engaging and intriguing, fun facts about Poker that you are unaware of. Hey, don’t you worry because we have got you covered? Read on to know the fun facts about Poker that will blow your mind away. And you can thank us later.

  • Fun Fact 1:

We all love playing Poker, but have you ever wondered what its origin was? Similarly, like cocktails and jazz music, Poker’s birthplace was America and, to be precise, New Orleans. However, no one happens to know where the first hand of Poker was played, but the historians confirmed that the game was developed in the early 1800s in the Louisiana area. Now poker can be played online, and one of the best platforms to get your hands on it is idn poker.

  • Fun Fact 2:

Whether you consider yourself a decent player or a champion in Poker, you should know that the longest Poker game was played in 1881 for an eight and a half year at The Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona. The game lasted for 24 hours and 7 days a week, and the minimum buy-in was $1000.

  • Fun Fact 3:

In today’s age, the poker is played with a full deck of 52 cards. Although, in the earlier days, poker was played with a deck of twenty cards and four players only. These players were dealt five cards, and the betting would commence with who had the best hand. As per the historians, the first 52-card deck was documented in the year 1834.

  • Fun Fact 4:

 The word ‘poker’ sounds so cool and interesting. But any thoughts where this word was derived from. It has been obtained from the German word ‘Pochen’ which in simple language means to bluff. If you want to play poker online then idn poker can offer you a highly engaging poker playing experience.

  • Fun Fact 5: 

We all are aware of the popularity of Poker in the world. But what if we put a number and give you the figures to broaden your knowledge about its acclaim. As per a research report by the non-profit Poker Players Alliance, in the US alone, there are 70 million Americans — over 20 percent of the population that play poker in casinos and online.

  • Fun Fact 6: 

If you are a die-hard poker fan, you would be aware of the poker chip, which is easily seen in casinos and online games. Earlier, poker chips consisted of anything which had value — from nuggets of gold to coins. Eventually, when there was a dire need of standardized units, poker chips were crafted out of wood, clay, bone, and ivory with beautiful and unique symbols by the Saloons and gaming houses. These were later sold as manufactured clay chips by commercial firms by the early 19th century.